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Having the skills is only part of the equation in this industry- the other critical component is the equipment. For this reason, having the right tools for the job is one of Mt. Lyford Contracting's highest priorities.

All the equipment we own and operate is less than two years old with much of our machinery brand new. This is in line with our policy to upgrade all trucks and equipment once they reach 8,000 hours usage- reducing downtime caused by breakdowns, increasing efficiency and reliability of our service and passing on the benefits to you. Furthermore, if we don't have it- which we usually do- we will source it, because we know that doing it right means doing it with the right machinery.

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Trucks play a vital role in Mt. Lyford Contracting's operation. From transporting equipment and gear, to removing debris, or simply getting the team to site- we couldn't do what we do without trucks.

Recognising this significance Mt. Lyford Contracting has committed to respecting, regularly maintaing and replacing when required the trucks that make up our fleet.



You won't find a civil contracting site without an excavator. That's why we have six in our Christchurch-based fleet alone and more on hand in the North Canterbury region, so that when you need our help, we've got the machinery available to get the job done.

When preparing a site for future development, the excavator is used to dig out the required depth of earth which is then replaced with crushed metal and compacted to engineers standards. Diggers also valuably contribtute to all of our other service offerings . 




The tippers ability to not only carry large amounts of bulk material, but to literally tip and discharge their load, makes them essential on any demolition, civil contracting, farm or road site.

Our tippers are always operated by specialist expert drivers and are regularly serviced to ensure they are continually in tip-top condition, meaning less delays caused due to breakdown.



Where the excavator is used to remove material, the rollers are used to compact and flatten this material when it is replaced. The environmental changes in the Canterbury region have heightened building requuirements, particularly in the area of foundations. The roller is used to meet these requirements by packing gravel extremely tightly, in order to ensure a solid base for building.

Rollers are also often used to flatten out demoltion sites post-deconstruction to smoothly level the site- leaving it clean and free of hazards.