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Why Civil Contracting?

Civil Contracting is all about getting your land prepared for development. Given the environmental changes in the Canterbury region, it is more critical than ever to ensure your land is professionally prepped to enhance it's durability and adhere to the industry requirements.

How it works

Our Civil Contracting offering is made up of three components-  site preparation, subdivision preparation and road repairs.

  • Site Preparation - every new build site needs to be prepared to the industry standard in order to achieve building consent. Mt. Lyford Contracting are accredited and experienced at working in TC1, TC2 and TC3 environments, both industrial and residential.
  • Subdivision Preparation - the team provide solutions for all aspects of subdivision planning including; land prep, road construction and surfacing, and drainage.
  • Road Repairs - Mt. Lyford Contracting is playing an important and on-going role in the reconstruction of roadways in Christchurch.


Mt. Lyford Contracting are committed to making Civil Contracting hassle-free, guaranteeing all our work is of the highest standard.  If you have land that needs preparing or a road requiring repairs, the first step is to contact us for an obligation free chat. We'll run through your requirements and from there we can develop a plan tailored to your needs.

Why us?

Civil Contracting is a key cornerstone of what Mt. Lyford Contracting do. We are equally comfortable and confident working on private or large scale sites and retain the highest level of safety at all times. All our staff hold SiteSafe Passports, we have at least two trained first aid reps on every site and relevant paperwork and consents are always retained. When you're looking for experience and skill, our Civil Contracting work speaks for itself.

site preparation, subdivision preparation and road repairs.

Need to prepare a  site or repair a road? Talk to us!civil_3.jpg

If you're interested in Civil Contracting, we'd love to hear from you. To discuss your needs, simply give us a call on (03) 315 6411 or alternatively fill out this form.