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Why build or maintain Farm Tracks & Roads?

Mt. Lyford Contracting recognises the importance of tracks and roads for any farm. These networks are critical to the functioning of all aspects of a farming operation from feeding stock to transporting machinery and everything in between.

What is involved in builing or maintaining Farm Tracks & Roads?

The team are established professionals when it comes to building and maintaining these assets and are extremely experienced working in hilly and uneven terrain. We understand that dry farms can be extremely steep. Through the varied experience we have gained over the years, we can comfortably assure you that Mt. Lyford Contracting can construct your road or tracks no matter the terrain.

How it works

During our intial consultation we'll discuss your requirements as once we understand the scope of the project, we can select the machinery and the team best suited to complete the job. Mt. Lyford Contracting will keep you closely involved in the process, whilst removing the hassle, and will always endeavour to make the least impact on your property whilst on-site.

Why Us? / What you can expect

If you've been elsewhere with no luck, try us! There's no terrain too steep or network too complicated for the team at Mt. Lyford Contracting.

Need a road repaired? Or a track built? Talk to us!dairy_2.jpg

If you're interested in upgrading your road network, need a track or road repaired, or want to build a road from scartch, speak to us! For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on (03) 315 6411 or use the contact form we'll get back to you fast.